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Survival Blog

Electricity When The Grid Goes Down



We all rely heavily on electronic devices in our modern world.  But what happens if the grid goes down or you're stuck in a situation where you can't access electricity for an extended period of time?

Anybody who's serious about surviving emergency situations needs to have a method of generating electricity so you can continue to operate your phone, computer, heater, etc.

Here are a few tools you can keep in your arsenal in the event you're stuck without electricity.

#1.  Keep Your Phone Working

It goes without saying that our phones are indispensable to our everyday lives.  Many of us would be lost without them.  So a high priority for emergency planning is having a method of charging your phone.

A popular option is a Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger:

#2.  Get An Emergency Radio

In dire situations where the internet goes down and you can't get cell phone reception, a world-band radio can be your only way to get news and stay connected with the outside world.  At Planned Survival, we stock a solar-powered emergency radio that doubles as a power source that can charge your cell phone or other small device.  If you can't get any sun, a hand-crank can generate enough electricity in a pinch.  It's a real vital tool in a crisis.

#3. Solar Panels That Can Keep Your Home Powered

If you want to truly be ready to survive days without electricity, you'll want to invest in some serious solar panels that could keep more demanding electronic devices powered for an extended period of time.

These solar panels can keep a small home or shelter powered for days:

Whatever option you choose, it's imperative that you plan an effective way to keep your devices working even if the grid goes down and conventional supplies of electricity are shut off.

At Planned Survival, we'll always be looking out for the best tools to help you navigate any emergency or survival situation.  The product suggestions above are a great place to start.

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