Cross-Chest Bag with USB Charging Socket

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Ultra-Convenient:  Lightweight design keeps all your essential items within arms-reach

Water Resistant:  Rugged durability despite it's luxury appearance, resistant to water damage

Charge Cell Phone On The Go:  Plug your phone directly into your bag and keep your phone charged wherever you are!

Makes Your Life Easier:  Forget having to lug around a heavy suitcase or awkward bulky backpack, this comfortable bag can be worn all day without noticing it


Perfect For The Modern Man Who's Well Put Together


Perfect for anyone who needs a lightweight and compact bag for carrying their important items.  This crossbody bag is stylish and suitable for a modern lifestyle.  You can take it everywhere you go and it will remain unobtrusive while keeping your personal belongings safe and secure.  With multiple compartments and even a passthrough for earbuds, this bag is guaranteed to make your life easier. 

Exquisite premium construction, feels high-end.  Makes a great gift!


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