Solar Energy Heated Shower


Attend To Personal Hygiene Even While Camping!


Many people’s least favorite thing about camping is the dirty, grimy feeling they get after multiple days without taking a shower.  Fortunately, with this amazing solar heated camping shower you can achieve that clean feeling even while roughing it in nature!  It’s compact and light enough to pack in a backpack, yet it is extremely effective.  Don’t let that creeping feeling of dirt and filth intrude on your quality camping time again!




  • Light And Compact
  • Put Brown Side Up To Absorb Sunshine
  • Maximum 50 Degrees Celcius




  • Capacity:  20L
  • Material:  PVC
  • Weight:  0.4 kg
  • Typical Temperature Range:  10--40 Degrees Celsius
  • Size:  22.4 x 15.4 Inches


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 Energy and Lighting