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    Car Snow Shovel

    $39.65 $29.75
    Clean Snow Off Your Car Easily Without Scratching The Paint! Face it, during the winter months cleaning snow off your car can be a constant struggle.  Who wants to waste...

    Paracord Survival Bracelet

    A Survival Tool That Doubles As A Fashion Accessory   This ingenious bracelet can be quickly taken apart and the several feet of durable and strong paracord rope can be...

    Emergency Survival Whistle Keychain

    1 Tiny Package That Could Save Your Life   This may be one of the most important, yet often sadly overlooked, tools you could have in case of an emergency. ...

    Torch Lighter Survival Tool

    $34.95 $22.95
    Since the beginning of recorded history, man’s ability to use fire has meant the difference between surviving and dying.  So it almost goes without saying that you MUST have an...

    Waterproof Luminous Survival Compass

    $24.95 $15.95
    Find Your Way Home No Matter How Lost You Are!   If you ever have the misfortune of getting lost in the wild, you’ll thank your lucky stars you had...

    18 in 1 Multitool Survival Pliers

    $69.95 $54.95
    An Astonishing 18 Tools In One Compact Package!   This incredibly versatile survival pliers is an absolute must-have for your survival gear.  When the going gets tough, you’ll be able...

    29-In-1 Multi-Tool Bracelet

    Groundbreaking Survival Tool That Doubles As A Fashion Accesory!   The trouble with many other tools survival is that you always seem to forget to bring them when you end...

    Camouflage Stealth Tape

    When hunting, or when hiding, you'll need a way to effectively hide yourself and your gear.   This Camouflage Stealth Tape has a long list of uses which include: concealing...

    Mini Red Laser for Hunting

    $19.95 $9.95
    Pinpoint a target dozens, or even hundreds, of feet away.  An extended emergency will necessitate hunting, so you'll need to be prepared to catch your own meals.   With tactical...

    Metal Steel Net Mesh for Hunting

    Vital Protection For Your Face   This tactical metal face protector mask is great for paintball or hunting.  Covers lower face and ears for extra protection.     Features:  ...

    Laser Pointer Pen

    $19.95 $8.95
    Point up to 10 miles with this laser pointer pen. Has aerometal body to reduce corrosion over it’s lifetime. Can cause blindness if shined directly in human or animal’s eyes...

    Fire Starter lighter

    Essential Emergency Item!   A must have on any camping trip. This emergency fire starter is a great life-saver. The flint match lighter in in a waterproof metal case for...

    U Shape Scissors (2 Pcs)

    No more fumbling with regular scissors on the boat while fishing.  Regular scissors can be cumbersome.  What you need is a surefire and rapid way to cut through fishing line,...

    Steel Wire Saw Ring

    Best for the hunter, fisher, camper, atv-er, or general outdoorsmen; this product cuts through whatever’s in your way. Wood, plastic, rubber, metal, and even bone. Wraps up neatly for small...

    Stainless Steel Plier

    $16.95 $9.95
    Get these sleek Stainless Steel fishing pliers, Great for removing tackle out of fish, cutting fishing line, and hundreds of other uses.   Just click the "Add To Cart" Button! There's a...
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