Solar Power Emergency Radio

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Multi-Function Survival Radio


In emergency situations, such as if the energy grid goes down, older technology can be a lifesaver.  If you are disconnected from the internet for an extended period of time, a world-band radio can be your only means of getting information.  It’s often not thought of as an important survival tool, but it absolutely is.


This particular product is much more than a simple radio, however.  It has a built-in LED light for nighttime illumination, a red color alarm flash light and a built-in alarm siren to alert others to your location.


It can be powered by AAA batteries, an external adapter, a hand crank or a solar panel.  In short, you’ll absolutely be able to power it in any circumstance.


It also has a charging port for cell phones and other electronic devices.


This is truly a multi-purpose emergency product that provides exceptional value.




  1. Built-in world band radio.
  2. Built-in radio frequency coverage includes broadcasting FM band, MW band and SW band.
  3. Built-in LED light for nighttime illumination.
  4. Built-in red color alarm flash light.
  5. Built-in alarm siren.
  6. Cell phone, MP3 & MP4, etc. Charging Jack.
  7. Built-in speaker and earphone output socket for radio use.
  8. Charged by: Cranking Dynamo, External Adaptor, Computer or Solar Power
  9. Power Sources: Ni-MH Battery, 3 x AAA Alkaline Batteries (Not included) or Solar Power




  1. Frequency Range:
       FM: 87 ~ 108 MHz
       MW: 520 ~ 1620 KHz
       SW1: 5.80 ~ 10.00MHz
       SW2: 11.60 ~ 18.20 MHz
  2. Noise Limit Sensitivity:
       FM <5uV
       MW <2.5mv/m
       SW< 50Uv
  3. Signal Selection >40dB
  4. Max. Output Power: about 100mW
  5. Max. Volume Output Current: about 120mA
  6. Spearker: D50mm
  7. Size: 133 x 62 x 47mm (please allow some measure difference)


Package Contents:


  • 1 X DE13 Emergency Radio
  • 1 X USB Cable
  • 1 X User Manual 


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