12000mAh Power Bank Portable Battery By ORICO

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In Our Modern World, You Need A Backup Of Electricity As Much As Anything


Picture the scenario:  You’ve driven your car to the middle of nowhere and the battery just died.  There’s not another person for miles around.  Worse, your cell phone is dead and you don’t have any way of calling for help.  This is a more common scenario than most people think.  However, if you have this emergency power bank in your trunk, you’d be able to recharge your car battery without the need for jumper cables and another car to provide the juice.  You’d be able to charge your cellphone, your laptop and power just about any other electronic gadget or gizmo you can think of.


In a survival situation, you need a storage of electricity.  In fact, it should be at the top of your list for vital emergency gear you’ll truly need in the event that the worst-case scenario manifests.


This Power Bank is everything you could ask for.  It’s reliable, large capacity, portable and contains a variety of ports and adapters for connecting, charging and powering all your essential electronics.


Usage Examples:


  • Can Start A Car, A Motorcycle, Or A Boat!
  • Charge Your Laptop
  • Or Your Cellphone
  • Can Be Used In -20 Degrees Celcius Conditions




  • Type:  Emergency / Portable
  • Input Interface:  DC
  • Input Interface:  USB
  • Quality Certification:  ce
  • Quality Certification:  RoHS
  • Quality Certification:  FCC
  • Output Interface:  5V/1A
  • Output Interface:  USB/DC
  • Battery Type:  Li-polymer Battery
  • Battery Capacity:  10001-15000mAh
  • Brand Name:  Orico
  • Is LED Lamp Illumination:  Yes
  • Size:  140 x 80 x 25
  • Weight:  1.4KG
  • Item:  Mini Jump Starter Power Bank
  • Capacity:  12000mAh
  • Input Interface:  DC/Micro B
  • Output Interface:  Double DC/ USB
  • Power Adapter:  15V1A
  • Line length:  30 CM
  • Function 1:  Portable Power Bank
  • Function 2:  External Battery
  • Function 3:  Emergency Power Bank


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Note:  US Plug Compatible