20L Collapsible Water Bag

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Large Capacity Water Storage


In the event of an emergency, you can NEVER have too much stored drinking water.  This is such an important point, I feel like all preppers and planners should memorize that line and repeat it in their head like a mantra.


For storing a large capacity of drinking water, this collapsible water bag is ideal.  It is made of extremely durable BPA-Free material and it is virtually impossible for it to leak.  With an easy to unscrew cap and convenient handle for carrying, any thoughtful prepper should have a few of these in their arsenal.




  • Leak-proof
  • Control Switch To Adjust Hydraulic Power
  • Easy To Unscrew Cap For Filling And Re-Filling
  • Convenient Handle For Carrying
  • Collapsible For Easy Storage When Not Using


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