Paracord Survival Bracelet

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A Survival Tool That Doubles As A Fashion Accessory


This ingenious bracelet can be quickly taken apart and the several feet of durable and strong paracord rope can be used in a wide variety of emergency situations.  Strong rope is often in short supply just when you need it, so be prepared by keeping it on your wrist!  You’ll forget its primary function because you’ll be enamored with how it looks as an accessory.




  1. Repair Torn Clothing
  2. Repair Broken Equipment
  3. String Up A Clothes Line
  4. Replace Your Shoe Laces
  5. Replace A Broken Zipper Pull
  6. Rig An Improvised Hammock
  7. Tie Snow Shoes
  8. Make Fishing Line
  9. Secure Your Boat
  10. Make A Sling For Your Arm


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